Those maniacs. They finally did it. They've created some unholy combination of mayonnaise and ketchup, and they're ready to unleash it upon the world with the dumbest name possible.

Heinz "Mayochup" (ugh) is set to hit stores next month. And honestly, it's a decent combo - people like mayonnaise, people like ketchup, and it kind of already exists in a lot of other places. But now, Heinz has announced that a few cities will be getting Mayochup a little bit ahead of everybody else.

You can vote for your city by tweeting out the hashtag #MayochupYourCity, and right now it looks like cities like Chicago and Brooklyn are mostly in the lead. But now I feel competitive! So let's get #MayochupMissoula trending on Twitter so we can beat those other cities and finally taste this sauce that probably already exists as a McDonald's dipping sauce! I believe in you!

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