Earlier this summer, my girlfriend discovered through Lemondairy's Facebook page that they were going to be set up over at Worden Avenue, and she was very, very excited - especially because she typically went to Lemondairy at the Western Montana Fair which obviously didn't happen this year.

But me, I didn't know what Lemondairy was. I had no idea what she was talking about. You have to remember, I moved here from New York in 2018, and while I think I've acclimated to Missoula pretty well, there's still some stuff that I just haven't heard of yet.

So, she made me take her to Lemondairy one weekend, and I'm not gonna say it was a life-changing experience... but also, yeah, maybe I will say that. It was so good! A tasty, lemony ice cream treat that came in so useful during those hot summer months.

But that's the thing - it's only open during the summer. Once the cold weather starts to come through, Lemondairy closes for the season. And at first, it seemed like last weekend was it - they announced that September 29th would be their last day open until next year.

Until... that wasn't the case anymore! Actually, Lemondairy has extended their season by a few days, because the weather has been so nice. That's according to their Facebook event page, which now lists it's current final day for the season as October 4th, this coming Sunday.

So there you go! If you missed your chance to get Lemondairy this season, you've now got a little extra time before it closes down until next year. Will you be getting your fix?

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