We've heard about a lot of business closings over the last couple of years in Missoula, and it's always a bummer. One of them was the announcement that Tia's Big Sky, known in Missoula for their delicious tamales, had closed down for good at the end of August.

Of course, when one business closes, it's only a matter of time before another one jumps in. And in this case, TWO are apparently taking its spot.

As I was scrolling through Twitter today, @Lgpguin tweeted a few photos of the new signage that just went up this week at the old Tia's location on Broadway...

(And if you're familiar with the Missoula food truck scene, these names might look pretty familiar to you.)

That's right - from the looks of it, both Ragheef and Kamoon appear to be teaming up and moving into the spot where Tia's used to be. I did some double checking on their social media accounts, and while they haven't posted anything official yet, they have been teasing something big on their Facebook pages.

So that's exciting! Ragheef and Kamoon have both seen great success as food trucks in Missoula in recent years, so it's cool to see them moving up to a physical building. Although hopefully they keep the food trucks going too - we hope to see them at Out to Lunch and Downtown Tonight when the summer rolls around!

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