Over the past year, most of us have had to get comfortable with communicating over Zoom. Whether it's a work call, a virtual concert, or you're just trying to connect with your extended family and explain to your older relatives that their microphone isn't on, we've all had our share of frustrating experience. So why not create an incentive to get people on your Zoom call?

Missoula In Motion, which is a sustainable transportation office at the City of Missoula, is holding a virtual meeting at 8:30 AM on Wednesday, March 10th - and if you attend, you'll get a free breakfast burrito from the Golden Yoke Griddle. I gotta say, as far as rewards go, that's a pretty good one.

The meeting will cover important topics like infrastructure, the need for slower speeds on certain streets in Missoula, and general safety - so, yes, you could be joining up just to get a burrito, but you'll be educating yourself in the process, too. That's not the only thing that Missoula in Motion is offering, either - if you can log eight sustainable trips with them, you can get half-off on an entree from Notorious P.I.G. It seems like they've figured out that they way to get people's attention is through their stomachs.

So there you go - your breakfast on Wednesday is covered if you attend this Zoom meeting. Now can somebody cut a deal to score some lunch with another Zoom meeting later that day? I'm feeling Five Guys, but whatever the group decides is fine by me.

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