Jon Snow wasn't the only role Kit Harington auditioned for when trying out for Game of Thrones. Lucky for all of us, it's the role he got.

Ahead of the upcoming seventh season premiere of Game of Thrones, the bastard of the north has been making the promotional rounds. Last night, Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow, stopped by to chat with Jimmy Kimmel about the eagerly anticipated return, but Kimmel had a surprise of his own for Harington.

While we've been able to enjoy Harington's moody portrayal of Ned Stark's illegitimate son (or is he?) on the show, it turns out the bearded Brit could have been just about any of the main characters on Game of Thrones... had his auditions been any better. With a little help from his friends at HBO, Kimmel was able to search the archives for Kit's early reels and see just how different Game of Thrones could have been were Harington cast as the likes of Daenerys, Hodor, Cersei, or Arya.

Though it could be said that gussying up Harrington as a woman draws nothing but cheap laughs, it's clear Kit was game for the ribbing. Besides, when is he ever going to have a chance to show his breasts again?

Check out the auditions above to see if you would have liked Harington in any of those other roles. Game of Thrones returns on July 16.

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