Last night's (Aug. 20) 'Tonight Show' was just chock-full of surprises!

First, Jimmy Fallon brought out surprise guest Lindsay Lohan (who has been in London preparing for her role in the David Mamet play 'Speed-the-Plow') to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The 28-year-old actress first challenged Prince Harry and her former 'Chapter 27' co-star and current 'Fallon' guest Jared Leto before being doused with the bucket of water -- all for a good cause, of course!

(Side note: Can we just talk for a minute about how amazing Lindsay looks? We need her sweater. And those boots. And basically that whole outfit. ASAP.)

Next up was Oscar-winning actor, 30 Seconds to Mars frontman and all-around hottie Jared Leto. He not only performed with his band and pretended to be a super hippie-like mountain man with Fallon, he also allowed the host to trim his beard, which had gotten so long that he joked that people had been mistaking him for Jesus.

Fortunately, Jimmy had a pretty good hand with the razor -- although he almost made one crucial mistake.

Watch Lindsay Lohan take the Ice Bucket Challenge in the video above, and check out Jimmy Fallon trimming Jared Leto's beard in the vid below!

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