Before showing up on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Jennifer Hudson definitely ate mom's spaghetti.

The "Drop the Mic" segment on The Late Late Show has given us some very entertaining (scripted) rap battles in the past, but where once James Corden may have stood a chance, this week he was dead on arrival. Jennifer Hudson took all of Corden's best shots, but repeatedly bullied back with better lyrics, better burns, and clearly the better voice.

She may not have won Idol, but we're worshiping her after putting Corden back in his place.

With college graduation season in full swing, it's time for those honorary celebrity graduates to deliver commencement speeches. While the Zuckerbergs, Ferrells, and Clintons are out there giving out heartfelt, memorable declarations, some schools aren't quite as lucky.

For those pinnacles of academia, Jimmy Kimmel put together an all-star roster of B- and C-level celebs to get students hype to enter the workforce. Or to confuse them with awkward quotes.

Jimmy Fallon likes to keep his finger on the pulse of internet content, and is always abreast of the latest memes rocking our Twitter timelines. Last night, the Tonight Show host got political with his memes, burning Bernie Sanders, Sean Spicer, our 45th President and more.

Just know that the next time you promise to take the Pope to the club, you better deliver.

The James Comey session today isn't actual entertainment, but the media sure did play it up to Super Bowl levels of hype. Knowing how ridiculous it is to portray such serious moments in our Democracy as an epic television event, Conan O'Brien skewered the concept with a fictional Buffalo Wild Wings commercial.

Millennials can't kill this chain fast enough.

Tilda Swinton told Stephen Colbert she wasn't inspired by another actor to get into acting herself, but rather, she took her motivation from donkeys. I don't really have anything else to add to that. What else can you say?

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