Celebrities: they drink coffee too!

Actress Jennifer Garner (of Dude, Where's My Car? fame, and probably some other stuff too) gave a shout-out to a Bozeman coffee shop after she got stuck in the airport when her flight was delayed. Here's what she wrote:

"If your flight is delayed in #Bozeman, Montana (or to find the World’s Best cappuccino), may I humbly recommend  @wildjoescoffee."

Pretty cool of her to give some props to a local business. Get ready to be overrun by coffee-crazed Jennifer Garner stans, Wild Joe's. The post includes a fun video of Garner killing time at the airport.

In unrelated news, just gonna throw this out there that if Garner wanted to announce a new season of Alias anytime soon, that would be pretty cool.

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