Water is a natural way to assist in weight loss by just drinking it. And that should be easy since we should be drinking it daily. Talk about an advantage.

Women, on average, should drink at least nine cups each day while men should drink at least 13 cups daily. It's that simple, especially if you drink some of those glasses of water prior to eating.

Obviously, if you are exercising or doing some kind of activity that dehydrates you, those glasses of water don't count toward the daily consumption we need. And if you drink this daily amount it will automatically help with weight loss, according to Medical News Today. 

Now to the three reasons that make water such an easy weight loss bestie.

nicolas ruiz
nicolas ruiz

Appetite Suppressant 

When our stomachs are full, we usually stop eating. I'm sure you've heard the tip that drinking a glass of water up to thirty minutes before you eat, which means eight ounces or a cup, you'll feel full and shouldn't eat as much. Water takes up space in our tummies for up to an hour according to the Healthline website.

Also, if you think you are hungry or you're craving a snack, drink a cup of water instead because often the craving is dehydration unless you're drinking the recommended amount of water daily.

Burn More Calories

According to Medical News Today, water temporarily increases our resting heart rate a bit. Nothing that we feel however calories are being burned because of that boost of energy. Some studies indicate cold water helps even more because your body expends even more energy warming the water up during digestion.

Burn More Fat

According to Johns Hopkins University, our body can't metabolize fat or carbs without water. To get a bit technical really quickly, the process of metabolizing fat is called lipolysis. The first step of lipolysis is hydrolysis, which happens when water molecules interact with fats.

Happy drinking! Water that is.

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