There are going to be some epic concerts and festivals for all kinds of music fans in Montana this summer. There will be something for almost everyone, depending on what kind of music makes you move.

Some Montana Music Festivals

Montana will be hosting Country music festivals like the Headwaters Country Jam in Cardwell, Montana or the Under the Big Sky festival in Whitefish. For those that like rock music, there will be the Rockin' The Rivers festival in Cardwell.

Montana Will See Some Historic Shows

There will also be some historic shows at Washington Grizzly stadium in Missoula. For the first time ever there will be three separate shows at that venue in one year. Pearl Jam, Tyler Childers, P!nk and Sheryl Crow are all playing there in 2024.

Free Punk Rock, Art, Skateboarding Festival

We can't forget about punk rockers and skateboarders. This July 19th-21st the Screaming Brain festival taking place at Roosevelt Park in Troy, Montana. This will be a three day music festival featuring over 30 musical artists. There will be a skateboard competition hosted by Board of Missoula. There is also a disc golf tournament sponsored by the Pastime Bar & Sherpa Trailers. The festival is focusing on music, skateboarding, art, and mental wellness. The best part, this event is free.

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The event has two goals, according to their Facebook event.

  1. Spread the message of how music, art and physical activity have helped us, and others like us, to maintain their mental health.
  2. Have as much fun as humanly possible.

This event will have camping, food trucks, art vendors, workshops and more all in the name of punk rock and fun.

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