Going out to dinner for my family is a treat, so I try to make the best of it when it happens. On that rare occasion in Missoula that a restaurant offers up tater tots as a side dish, most of the time I will partake. It is one of those foods that makes me fell like a kid again.

Missoula's Tater Tot Options May Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

Missoula's tater tot options are plentiful, and are quite tasty. When you want to feel like a kid again, here are some options for you. According to Yelp, here are some of the best tater tots in Missoula.

  • Miller Creek Cafe- Miller Creek Cafe located at 4915 Lower Miller Creek Road is a great place to eat and the tots are homemade too. Located at the Linda Vista Golf Course, you can play a round of golf and then enjoy some of the best tater tots in Missoula.
  • The James Bar- The James Bar at 127 W. Alder has some great food and has some great atmosphere. Look for the inspirational quote from Hunter S. Thompson, and try the tots.
  • Conflux Brewing- Conflux Brewing at 210 N. Pattee Street, is known for making some great brews. They are also known for making some great food to pair with their beers. A basket of their tots team well with quite a few different beers. Please enjoy responsibly.
  • Flippper's Casino- Flipper's Casino at 125 S. Third Street West has been making waves for their great food. Their breakfasts are great, they have some pretty fabulous burgers and they are recognized for their tater tots too.
  • The Top Hat- The Top Hat at 134 W. Front Street are rated the best tater tots in Missoula. I can't argue that. They are fantastic. They are homemade and taste like it. When it comes to dipping sauces I am not normally a big fan, but the sauce the Top Hat serves, just make them better.
  • Liquid Planet Grille- Liquid Planet Grille located at 1025 Arthur Avenue makes the Yelp list for their tater tots. There are multiple Liquid Planet locations in Missoula, but not all of them serve food. They are also going to be expanding with a new location in the old Denny's building on Brooks St.
  • The Old Post- The Old Post located at 103 W. Spruce, offers the occasional live music performance with your tater tots. You may not know this, but you can rent out the basement for events like weddings. 
  • Taco Sano-  Taco Sano at 115 S. 4th Street West. Having tater tots with tacos is fantastic, and their tots are great. I was surprised the first time I had their tacos and had the option for tots with my tacos.
  • Laughing Grizzly- Laughing Grizzly at 2300 W. Broadway has some great breakfasts. They were a 2020 Traveler's Choice from Trip Advisor, and they have some great tots too.

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Our sister station, 96.3 The Blaze appreciates tater tots so much they hold an annual event celebrating everything tots, with "Totfest".

There are a couple places that didn't make the Yelp list.

  • Montana Jacks- Montana Jacks at 2021 South Ave. West has some great tots. I recommend adding melted cheese on them.
  • Taco John's- Some may argue that their "Potato Olés" are not tots. Either way you look at it, I can't order anything from Taco John's without ordering the "Olés".

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