There may only be 4% of Montanans who say they have Italian ancestry, but Montana has its fair share of delicious pizza. So it's a big surprise that in a new study of the best cities for pizza only one Montana city makes the list, and the list is 250 cities long.

It might be that Montana hasn't gotten enough attention for its pizza. We even came up with three Missoula pizzas Dave Portnoy needs to try. Maybe if Dave Portnoy came to Montana more cities would have ended up on this list.

So Where is the Best Pizza in America?

The pizza oven company Pizzello pulled the average Google ratings for pizza in American cities and came up with the top 250 cities for pizza in the United States.

The city at the #1 spot was no surprise: New York. Other top 10 cities included cities in Oklahoma, California, Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa, New Mexico, and Colorado.

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But the first surprise was that Chicago didn't make it into the top 10. Chicago narrowly missed (a difference of .01 between) and was ranked at #11.

Where is Montana on the List?

If Chicago is at 11, the only Montana city on the list is way further down. Billings Montana ranked #177 with an average rating of 4.45. For context, New York had an average rating of 4.68 which isn't that far off from Billings' rating. You'll see in the full list that a lot of cities came out with the same average.

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Aren't There Any Other Montana Cities With Good Pizza?

With places like Biga Pizza in Missoula, Cosmic Pizza in Bozeman, and Howard's Pizza in Great Falls, you'd think that at least one more city would have had a high enough average Google rating to make the list.

Then again, maybe Montana's average would be higher if some of the beloved pizza places of the past were still open.

Keep scrolling to see the most popular places for pizza in Montana.

The 30 Most Popular Pizza Joints In Montana

These are the most upvoted comments asking "Montana's Best Pizza?" on the Montana subreddit. These then are the most popular places to eat pizza according to locals.

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