When it comes to famous people, Montana is known for them moving in, not so much going out. We do, however, have a music artist who's about to take that next step to fame.

When you look up the top Spotify streaming artists that come from each state according to Stats Panda, Montana really doesn't click up with the big names from states with a smaller population. Even North Dakota has Wiz Khalifa.

In Montana, we don't really have a household name unless you're a big rock/country fan. A lot of locals know the name Tim Montana though. Tim is about as Montana as they come, right down to his last name.

Who is Tim Montana? Well, he is a Kallispel-born, Butte-raised Montana native. He and his band "The Shrednecks" have performed all over the state, and country, including the Late Show with David Letterman. Tim has even worked with Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top. If you have ever seen Tim Montana and The Shrednecks live, you know they are the real deal.

Tim isn't stopping there. The next step is a loud, rocking new single that can take over the airwaves, and that's exactly the step Tim recently took. Climbing the rock/active rock charts is Tim's brand new song "Devil You Know", and it's getting airplay... like, a lot of airplay. At the time of this article, Tim is getting regular plays at rock stations in markets like Denver, San Diego, Jacksonville, Cincinnati, and many more.

If Tim keeps climbing the charts with this new single at the current rate, there is a good chance he could reach #1, and for a small-town kid from Montana, that's a pretty big deal.

Keep rockin', and make Montana proud, Tim!

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