Here we go again. More sad news this week when it comes to Missoula restaurants. This time two, almost brand new places on North Reserve have put a closed sign in the window.

I don't even think we can be shocked anymore. The amount of restaurants that have closed in the past year, not to mention the last three years in Missoula is staggering. Even in the last month, we reported about the Burn Street Bistro and Hoagieville closing. 

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So what eateries are next on the list? Not long ago Firehouse Subs and Brooklyn Bagels moved into the busy North Reserve side of town. The area is full of box stores. Think of all the errands and shopping you have to do in that area. You would think business would be booming for restaurants.  Apparently, that's not the case.

Recently on the Missoula Reddit a user, Emergency-Grass8248, posted two photos of signs hanging on the front door of the neighboring restaurants that read:

Due to economic issues, this location is closed until further notice. We were very happy to serve the community while we could! - Brooklyn Bagels/Firehouse Subs Management

Many of the comments on the Reddit thread cited more reasons like location, unaffordable property taxes/rent, increasing ingredient costs, and more. 

I took to my own research to confirm. I called both places during normal business hours and there was no answer. Firehouse Subs is no longer available on DoorDash. The Google Business page still says open, however. When you try to order online via their site, it's just a blank page.

Brooklyn Bagels Google Business page says "Temporarily Closed".

Sadly, I don't think this is the end of the bad news when it comes to Missoula businesses closing. This town isn't getting any cheaper with the low wages and insane living costs. Hopefully, those employees who just lost their jobs will be able to land on their feet.

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