If you have kids - I'm thinking the odds are pretty good that you've been to The Hub in Missoula. You've either been just for fun - which is what we did when we moved to town a few years ago and went to check the place out.....or you've been for a birthday party - like we've done about 3 times in the last year. Arcade games, Laser Tag, go-karts.....The Hub is a pretty awesome place if you're a kid - or a big kid!

But is the end near for Missoula's fun center and party destination? I was talking to a friend today and in conversation he casually said "now that The Hub is closing...." Whoa! this was the first I had heard of it so I asked where that information had come from. And you know how it goes, he heard it from a different friend.....and so on, and so on.

Why would The Hub be closing? COVID? That's the first thing we think of these days when we learn about a business closing. Location? The building is a bit out of the way and not in the most convenient spot. Monthly rent? It's a pretty big building so that can't be cheap. It could be any number of things, I suppose.

Since I heard about the closing from a guy that had earlier in the day heard about the closing from another guy.....I set out to see what I could find as far as any word from The Hub. I didn't see anything on either the Facebook or Instagram pages, and they don't seem to have a Twitter page. But when I googled their address, sure enough, I found The Hub listed for sale on a real estate page.

It looks like the place is going for a cool $5.9 million - or an estimated monthly payment of 32k! And from the description, it sounds like that is just the building and land.....it doesn't say anything about the arcade games and other cool stuff inside. The website shows that the property has been listed for about two months, and has a status of "under contract taking backup offers."

I'll also throw in the fact that my friend that heard it from a friend - mentioned the possibility of a church taking over the property. Rumor? Truth? I guess we'll find out shortly. But it looks like The Hub might have reached the end of its run. Bummer!

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