Get the best music news, local alerts, weather coverage and traffic updates in the Missoula area with the new 107.5 Zoo FM app! Listen to the live stream of your favorite 107.5 Zoo FM DJs and tweet or call the show directly from the app. Get interactive with our mix shows, make instant requests and receive timely notifications on breaking news, contests and more! Save articles and viral stories for reading later and share on Facebook and Twitter.

Key Features:
• Listen to 107.5 Zoo FM anytime, anywhere
• Stream music, weather and traffic updates live from 107.5 Zoo FM Radio
• Read the latest news, watch videos, view photo galleries & listen to audio content
• Submit Photos/Videos directly from the app
• Apple CarPlay & Android Auto modes let you to stay focused on the road while listening
• Get the latest weather for your area plus a 5 day forecast
• Do not disturb modes for alerts (weekend and after hours)
• Save articles for reading later (supports offline viewing)
• Push notification for breaking news, weather, contests, shows and more
• Featured full multi-tasking with background audio and controls
• Share the latest news via Facebook & Twitter
• Supports AirPlay feature for wireless streaming to your AirPlay-compatible device
• 3D Touch added for iOS Devices

This is the first version of the 107.5 Zoo FM app with many more features planned. Please share your feedback from within the 107.5 Zoo FM app by clicking the 'Send App Feedback' link in the menu.

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