Homelessness in Montana is an issue that only seems to be growing. Movato just released and interactive map that shows the spike in growth of the homeless population in each state. And while Montana might not be number one on the list, we aren't exactly improving with the issue year after year. 

Compared to the other states, the warmer climates tend to attract more homeless. Makes sense, living or sleeping outdoors in temporary shelters is much more attainable. So it's no surprise that Hawaii (#1) and California (#2) have more of a homeless issue than us.

What is fascinating about the map is the chronological timeline showing the improvement of some states and how the population of homeless individuals are on the decline. Alabama, for example went from the 21st lowest population to the 4th lowest over the past few years.

Montana, on the other hand, has seen a steady increase since 2010 beginning at #19 and increasing to #13 in the past four years.

Check out the map that shows the rise and fall of homeless populations in each state here.

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