A website just revealed the one official word each state can call their own, according to an informal poll.

The findings are simply a bunch of regional slang, stuff you likely have never heard before. I'm going out on a limb to say that most people that live in these states have likely never heard of them either. Still, interesting nonetheless.

Some are dead on accurate. Hawaii's word is "aloha"...Indiana is "Hoosier"....Massachusetts' is "wicked."  These all make sense.

When it comes to California, "hella" came in on top. Pennsylvania has "yinz" which is an abbreviation for "you guys."

Here's a couple of weird ones:

"Glawackus" in Connecticut, a name of a legendary local mythical monster .

"Kybo" in Iowa, better know to locals as a porta potty.

"Shucky darn" in Kansas, which is a way of saying "wow!"

As for Montana? Our one official word, again according to this informal study (take it for what it is worth...) is "Graupel." Defined as "snow-like precipitation that resembles tiny ice balls."

(See the full list of words for each particular state here)

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