Nothing screams summer like a friendly cook out. A gathering of friends hanging outside while you slow cook half a pig or an entire hen house of chickens. Summer is also about cooling off in the water. Spending some time on the river, or just kicking it at the beach. For the past 4 years now, a group of Bitterroot friends have combined the best of both worlds. Having a huge BBQ cook out on the beaches of the Bitterroot River.

It started as an event to gather enough people for a classic crawfish boil. We would spend all day searching every rock on the river bottom for crawfish. Using snorkel gear, we would flip every rock big enough for a crawfish to hide under. After hours of trying and many failed attempts, we would eventually catch enough to warrant a boil. Combine live crawfish with sweet corn, sausage and lemon into boiling water. It is one of the best days at the beach. That annual "boil" quickly turned into a BBQ. Where we would gather each year for friendly competition to see who was the master of the grill. Cooking everything from the beer can chicken competition to the battle of the briskets. But, last year the competition got even harder, as a travelling trophy and cash prize was introduced into the mix. Now this friendly competition has turned into a full BBQ battle.


This year I am competing against some very talented amateur cooks. These guys know their way around the grill, and it is slightly intimidating. Who knows if I can compete with what these guys are bringing to the table?.....That's where YOU come in.


I need to come up with 3 separate meats to enter into the competition. They need to be either cooked on a grill or smoked in a smoker. Keep in mind that this cook off is happening on a beach. So I do not have a full kitchen to pack along with me. Think tailgate food. Something I can share with others. Something that is sure to knock the socks off the judges.

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If you are interested in joining the battle and competing, rooting me on or just spending the day on the beach. Get full details on the Bitterroot BBQ Cook Off here.

Sat July 24th @ Florence Bridge FAS 


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