Did you have travel plans that have been impacted by the Coronavirus? I did - I was supposed to fly back to New York in May to see some family and attend a wedding, but it's looking more and more like that's not gonna happen. I've got a few other trips planned out for the year to Los Angeles and Chicago and while they're still on for now, I've been watching them very closely.

So that's been pretty stressful, but others out there had vacations planned all over the world that are now put on hold. The good news is, you can still experience these places, just from the comfort of your own home! Thrillist put together a great list that includes virtual tours, livestreams of cultural events, even virtual salsa dancing lessons from Puerto Rico.

So if you were planning on hiking the Great Wall of China or touring Carlsbad Caverns, but find yourself stuck at home watching Tiger King for the third time, maybe take a break and check these out - it's better than nothing!

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