'Tis the season to marathon endless holiday movies! As much as we love the classics, we can't help but want more, more, more! So, we've come up with some could-be holiday movie remakes -- starring some of our favorite celebs -- that we'd love to add to our Christmas wish list.

'Elf' -- Starring Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's Facebook / New Line Cinema

Will Ferrell has assured there will never be a sequel to this touching 2003 comedy about a human raised as a elf, set loose on New York City. But we'd rush to see recent New York transplant Taylor Swift concentrating her radiant smile and chipper attitude to a gender-swapped musical reboot of 'Elf!'

'Home Alone' -- Starring 5 Seconds of Summer

Home Alone
Capitol / 20th Century Fox

Macaulay Culkin had us from his iconic scream in 1990's 'Home Alone.' Since then, there's been four sequels, but we'd like to request an reboot where Culkin, Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern are replaced by the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer. K, thanks.

'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' -- Starring Miley Cyrus

Christmas Vacation Miley Cyrus
Getty Images / Warner Bros.

Miley Cyrus has taken to the big screen with movies like 'LOL,' 'The Last Song,' and of course 'Hannah Montana: The Movie.' But we'd love to see the bad girl of pop jump into some slapstick and silliness into with a remake of 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.' Maybe she wouldn't exactly step into the Chevy Chase role, but with a 'Vacation' sequel now in the works, could a reboot be so far behind?

'A Beyonce Christmas'

Beyonce Madea Christmas
Getty Images / Lionsgate

Last year, Tyler Perry brought forth 'A Madea Christmas,' which had his iconic heroine bringing her unique brand of sass and holiday spirit to residents of a rural town. Well, swap his brazen lady for Beyonce, and we won't even care what the plot is, as long as she finds an excuse to strut and sing.

'Justin Bieber's Saving Christmas'

Justin Bieber Saving Christmas
Justin Bieber's Facebook / Samuel Goldwyn Films

With 'Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas,' the titular 'Growing Pains' star attempted a comeback this year that seemingly went nowhere. We can't pretend we've actually seen this movie about a man selling his brother-in-law on the joys of Christmas. But put Justin Bieber in as the holiday's savior, and we'd definitely give it a shot!

'Scrooged' -- Starring Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham Scrooged
HBO / Paramount Pictures

Bill Murray fronted this 1988 comedy that offered a modern take on 'A Christmas Carol,' having him portray a sneering TV exec who valued ratings and wealth over all else. But we'd like to see 'Girls' creator and star Lena Dunham get a 'Scrooged' of her own. Perhaps following a jaded 20-something too caught up in her own personal problems to properly care for those around her? Hannah Bah Humbug!

'White Christmas' -- Starring Bruno Mars, Adam Lambert, Katy Perry and Iggy Azalea

Bruno Mars Adam Lambert Katy Perry Iggy Azalea White Christmas
Bruno Mars' Facebook / RCA / Capitol / Island / Paramount Pictures

This charming musical comedy from 1954 originally starred Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye as a pair of performers who team up with a sister act -- played by Rosemarie Clooney and Vera Ellen -- to put on a show that would save a friend's failing hotel. Swap the inn for an old but luxurious theater, and recast some pop music personalities like Bruno Mars, Adam LambertKaty Perry and Iggy Azalea, and you've got a 'White Christmas' full of color and panache.

'Babes in Toyland' -- Starring Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Babes in Toyland
Hollywood Records / Disney

Former Disney kid Selena Gomez has been dipping into daring cinema with the scandalous 'Spring Breakers' and the upcoming R-rated comedy 'Behaving Badly,' but we'd like to see her return to her sweet roots with a remake of Disney's playful 1961 musical 'Babes in Toyland.' She'd be off the chain in Annette Funicello's role of Mary Contrary.

'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' -- Starring Eminem

Eminem Grinch
Aftermath / Universal Pictures

Jim Carrey brought the Grinch to life in the 2000 live-action adventure 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas.' But were there to be a remake, who better to play the cantankerous Dr. Seuss creation than Eminem?

'Macklemore Saves Christmas'

Macklemore Saves Christmas
Macklemore LLC / Buena Vista Pictures

The late Jim Varney played Ernest P. Worrell in a slew of goofy movies, including 'Ernest Saves Christmas,' where he helped Santa secure a successor to his sleigh. If this movie were to be rebooted, we'd suggest a star who knows how to make old things new again, and has shown a real concern for making the world a better place. So, obviously: 'Thrift Shop' and 'Same Love' singer Macklemore.

All artwork by Kristy Puchko.

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