If you didn’t happen to catch the Oscars on Sunday or maybe missed some key events, worry no more because here are some highlights from the 90th Oscars.

Comedian and co-writer of the movie “Keanu” Jordan Peele, was able to find his way on stage during this year’s Oscars. Accepting the best original screen play award for the movie “Get Out,” Peele almost never finished this the screenplay. He said on stage “I stopped writing this movie about 20 times because I thought it was impossible,” well he proved himself wrong with film earnings more than $255 million worldwide, you could say that Peele may have more in his toolbox that many people do not realize.

The red carpet before the show is one of the more unique parts of the Oscar experience. But this year's red carpet grew tensions as sexual harassment claims against its host, Ryan Seacrest, were dropped moments before the festivities. Viewers stood on the edge of their seats waiting for an actor/actress to address the issue, but no such engagement occurred. The show moved on as scheduled and Ryan was able to interview Mary J. Blige, Christopher Plummer, Allison Janney and many other Oscar nominees. But there may have been something going on when he was not able to interview any of the five women up for best actress.

Remember last year when the wrong film for best picture was announced? Worry no more because this year the academy made it almost impossible for a speaker to mix things up. Presenters make sure that they have the correct envelope and then confirmed by the sage manager before they can go on stage. The biggest change was the gold letters in each envelope where enlarged tremendously.

One thing I do have to mention that a most people noticed at home were the montages. We as viewers know that these movies are excellent, we don’t need montage after montage to show us. All of the montages were good of course, but the sheer amount of them kind of started to drag on throughout the event.

The Oscars have to come to an end at some point, and Jimmy Kimmel new how to send it away this year. Kimmel promised the Oscar winner who gave the shortest speech a Jet Ski which ended up being costume designer Mark Bridges. With Helen Mirren at his side, both rode away as the event was closing and ended the night on a high note.

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