We're getting closer and closer to the start of this year's International Wildlife Film Festival, which will take a different form this year than it has in years past. Usually, they're able to screen the movies at The Roxy Theater in Missoula. Last year, thanks to COVID, they had to switch to an entirely virtual festival. And this year, they've been working to make the International Wildlife Film Festival a hybrid event, with a combination of virtual screenings and in-person screenings at outdoor venues like The Roxy Garden, Caras Park, and Ogren Park.

The festival runs for almost a full month, from April 17th through May 15th. And since it's just around the corner, they just revealed a trailer for people to check out.

The trailer promises discussion of climate change, humans connecting with nature, and tons of incredible wildlife footage. IWFF is one of the most popular film events in Missoula every year, so it's great that they were able to figure out a way to reach even more people in 2021.

Tickets for the International Wildlife Film Festival went on sale just this week, with a few different pricing options. You can buy a single ticket for one film for $10, a 5-punch pass for $45, a 10-punch pass for $70, or a Full Pass for $100, which gets you access to everything, including admittance to the Ogren Park screening and a family pass for the entire virtual catalog.

You can buy tickets and get info on all of the events for the festival right here.

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