We've already written about how the government shutdown is affecting craft breweries. But, as more time passes, more and more things in your everyday life start to get affected, too. For example, the Food and Drug Administration, responsible for making sure food sold in stores is safe to eat, is a pretty important organization. But it's been impacted by the shutdown too, and as a result, they can't publicize recalls, outbreaks or other info that we need for our health.

The FDA is still figuring out how to be an effective tool of government during the shutdown, which means we're kind of on our own for the time being. How do we know what's safe to eat?

Well, it seems like raw foods and processed meats should be avoided. Romaine lettuce, alfalfa, broccoli, and other sprout vegetables could get E.coli. Ground beef, raw vegetables - basically anything uncooked, as cooking something thoroughly can kill certain bacteria.

Hopefully the shutdown ends soon so that the FDA can get back to doing its job. Some FDA employees are still working - without pay - but most experts seem to agree that it isn't nearly enough when it comes to keeping the public informed on what's going on.

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