A few months back, Guster played a show at the Top Hat in Missoula. I was there, and it was awesome - still maybe the best show I've been to this year, and I've been to a lot of them. I didn't know who the opener was at the time - just some guy named Henry Jamison. He didn't even have a Wikipedia page, how good could he be?

Turns out, really great! Henry Jamison brought those soft indie vibes to Missoula, and watching him perform before Guster ended up being one of those great concertgoing surprises, a new discovery that I'd be able to follow. At the end of his set, he mentioned that he'd be returning to Missoula in a few months... and now, it has finally come.

Henry Jamison is set to come back to the Top Hat next week, playing a show on Tuesday, May 7th. I'd definitely recommend it, and tickets are pretty cheap - only $15 in advance. You can get all the details over at logjampresents.com.

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