There are a lot of things that Missoula does really well, one being it's ability to put on amazing shows! Last night at SOLD OUT Traveler's Rest at Big Sky Brewery, I was witness to one of the best musical experiences Missoula has ever seen.

Thousands of Missoulians brought their chairs and blankets and settled in for one heck of a day of live music! Luckily for me I showed up right in time to catch Shakey Graves incredible set! Then The Head and the Heart took the stage and put on a show that captivated the audience in such a way it felt almost magical. The Decemberists then wrapped up the epic day by jamming out well into the night!

Missoula has always been known for their next level summers. And hopefully now that Traveler's Rest has seen so much success, we can also be known for having one of the best music festivals in the state! With a venue as amazing as Big Sky Brewery, how can you not?!

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