A subcommittee of Hamilton's City Council called "Healthy Hamilton" is trying to get more people involved in the COVID-19 vaccination efforts in Ravalli County. Robin Pruitt and Jenny West have used a grant from the Montana Board of Crime Control to send out a mailer to city of Hamilton residents this next week.

The mailer includes a "Notice of Intent" registration form developed by the Ravalli County Public Health department. To make it easier, the form can be mailed back in the postage-paid return envelope. You should only complete one "Notice of Intent" registration. This mailer is meant to help those people who have trouble registering online or don't have computer access. Also, there will be opportunities for people to get transportation to future vaccination clinics as the vaccines become available.

"Healthy Hamilton" is also directing people to contact Hamilton's Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital to answer any questions people might have about the vaccines. The group has worked with Public Health, Marcus Daly Memorial hospital, Bitterroot Drug and other providers to help community members feel safe about the inoculations.

They have also set up a new website, healthyhamilton.net, which includes the "Notice of Intent" registration form. When you fill it out, you can then send it in from the website. Again, only fill out ONE Notice of Intent form. The page also includes more information, such as the different phases of vaccination distribution in the state. As of March 29, all Ravalli County residents over the age of 16 will be eligible to be vaccinated. Again, the determining factor will be the amount of vaccines available, which has been increasing to Montana weekly.

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