Nothin' like celebrating your 125th anniversary (next year) than by launching a brand new flavor of beer! Big Sky Brewery isn't like other breweries of course, because they are the only ones to pull off a collaboration with the University of Montana.

In case ya haven't heard, the new beer of choice is the Griz Montana Lager, which officially hit shelves on August 22nd! Over the weekend I crushed a few of these and I gotta say, they were pretty damn good!

The Griz Montana Lager is like a lighter version of Summer Honey. It goes down easy and is way less filling than most beers. With the Griz logo on the outside of the can and the delicious beer on the inside, this lager is undoubtedly gonna be the beer of choice at all Griz football tailgates this year. Because let's be honest, Griz fans have the best taste!

But this new Big Sky Brewery creation goes beyond just a new beer flavor, it'll also help a lot of the students who will drink it! According to the press release,

A portion of sales of the officially licensed UM product will benefit University student-focused wellness and Associated Students of UM transportation programs, as well as community outreach efforts.

So in case ya ever NEEDED a reason to throw a few back, I think drinking a few Griz Montana Lagers 'for the students' is a pretty good one!

Also you gotta check out this sick promo video they just released! Makes ya kind of proud to be a Griz fan and live in a place like Missoula, Montana!

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