Happy National Puppy Day!

Come on, how could today, or any day for that matter, be all that bad when we are surrounded by puppies?! Seriously this is the best day ever!

We are approaching the prime season to adopt or buy a furry friend because you'll have a good two seasons to potty train them before the snow begins to fall once more. If you need an excuse to add a pup to your life I've got a few...

  • Dogs are the best companions to take on hiking and fishing adventures
    • They're the cutest hiking buddies
    • They'll alert you to any approaching danger
  • Dogs are great for teaching kids responsibility
  • Dogs provide companionship for all the lonely soles out there
  • Dogs will always be there to lick your floor clean
  • Dogs are always happy to see you
  • Dumb dogs make the cutest YouTube videos
  • Dogs will love you no matter what
  • Dogs aren't cats
  • Most dogs love to run and play
  • Dogs are the BEST at cuddling
  • There's a movie out there called Must Love Dogs
  • Some people believe that dogs are the best chick/dude magnet
  • This list could go on forever...

So speaking of adoption, the Humane Society of Western Montana is chock full of adorable little furry creatures looking for a forever home! There's no better way to celebrate National Puppy Day than taking the afternoon to adopt a new best friend.

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