Hamilton and Corvallis teams were tops at the Montana Science Olympiad at Montana State University. Instead of the live team-to-team competition at the Bozeman campus, it was virtual this year, which was the first time for the event.

IN Division B, which are classes from 6th through ninth grades, Corvallis Middle school's team came in Second, followed by Hamilton Middle School in Third. The winner was Helen Area Christian Home Educators.

Division C for high school teams was won by Hamilton High School for the second straight tournament. Lewistown's Fergus High School team was Second and Corvallis High School was Third.

Absarokee Junior High was small school winner in Division B and Sunburst's North Toole County High School was small school dinner in Division C. There were 13 middle school and 19 high school teams in this year's competition in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In a news release, Mike Giroux of MSU's Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology Department said that the Experimental Design event used common household items to design and complete an experiment. MSU added a new rubber-band powered helicopter task and a student showcase for vehicles and other designs.

The winners are eligible to enter the national Science Olympiad, which will also be a virtual event May 21-22, hosted by Arizona State University. The awards were announced at an online ceremony this week, also online, which allowed families to participate. The annual competition is hosted by the Science Math Resource Center at MSU's College of Education, Health and Human Development. There's more information about the national Science Olympiad online.

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