I've always been a Halloween person, and maybe it's something you're born with. You don't choose the spooky life, the spooky life chooses you— and it seems the spooky life has chosen many Missoulians. There's so much to love about Halloween that different people can love it for different reasons, so here's a breakdown of each type of super fan you'll find in Missoula, Montana:

The Witchy Ones

Witchy people love Halloween because that's when it's easiest to communicate with beings from the other realms... I'm not sure how they feel about candy corn. Between their manifestation rituals, you'll see them around town doing witchy autumn activities. Can they actually do magic? I wouldn't cross them and find out.

Horror Movie Maniacs

Horror movies are fun to watch all year, but they have a particular appeal during the harvest season. The largest gathering of horror movie maniacs in Missoula is each month at The Roxy Theater for Trash Vault, an event where horror hostesses Charlotte Macorn and Solveig present a scary movie. On Friday, 10/28/22 at The Roxy it's the Trash Vault Mystery Spooktacular with a costume contest, prizes and more.

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Of all the holidays, Halloween is by far the most metal. So it's no surprise there's a metal show to celebrate, and it has the best name ever. The Grotesque Burlesque Carnival of Flesh each year at The Dark Horse Bar, this year it's on 10/28/22.


Halloween is the day we all become cosplayers, but some of us take that more seriously than others. Missoula has some crafty, creative people that wow us with incredible costumes. Are you still thinking about what you want to wear this year? Check this out.

Montana Duo or Couple Halloween Costume Ideas.

Pro-Tip: When selecting a costume, It would not be the worst of ideas to test the thing for practicality. Can you sit down or peel out of it for bathroom breaks? These things we did not consider to the great amusement of co-workers. It is another reason not to choose those big “Sweaters for Two”. You're welcome. B&C

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