We've all seen how much of an in-demand item toilet paper became at the start of the coronavirus scare. And nothing drew the ire of the public more than the hoarders who were stocking up with huge purchases while others were left without.

The toilet paper craze became such a tale of the times that a company is making mini toilet paper snow globes to capture the memory.

One store owner in Australia has become a star for the interview he gave where he tells the story of denying a refund to somebody trying to return $10,000 worth of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. That would be 150 packages of 32-pack toilet paper (4,800 rolls) and 150 units of one-liter hand sanitizer.

John-Paul Drake of Drakes Supermarkets in Australia was feeling no sympathy for the customer's request for a return after he wasn't able to sell the products through eBay. He gave an interview where he used his finger to get the point across about how he was feeling about the actions of the customer.

Here's video of his initial interview that made him an internet darling (1:10 mark,) and a follow up interview with a television show in Australia.

You have to love the thought of that customer being stuck with all that toilet paper and hand sanitizer after trying to take advantage of people in a time of crisis.

I would say that bloke got just what he deserved.

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