Volleyball continues to grow in popularity and skill-level here in Missoula and the rest of Montana. A big part of that is because we have the Griz volleyball program to help guide and coach our kids.

In my experience, there was no better motivation for me to work harder and try and make it to the next level, than having the same collegiate athletes I'd fawn all over, turn around and coach me through a drill. For me, it was one of the coolest feelings.

So as a former player and coach, I highly recommend letting your child sign up for collegiate skills camps. If anything, it's a fun way to keep your kids active during the summer!

Here's the full list of Griz Volleyball Skills Camps this summer:

  • Basic Serving Camp
    • Friday, May 4th
  • Youth Skills Camp
    • Saturday, May 5th
  • Advanced Skills Camp
    • June 22nd - 24th
  • Youth Skills Camp
    • Friday, June 29th
  • Advanced Serving Camp
    • Friday, July 6th
  • Elite Camp
    • Saturday, July 7th
  • Libero/ Defensive Specialist Camp
    • Wednesday, July 11th
  • Men's Camp
    • Monday, July 9th
  • Basic Attacking
    • Tuesday, July 10th
  • Advanced Attacking
    • Friday, July 13th
  • Setters Camp
    • Friday, July 13th
  • Elite Camp
    • Saturday, July 14th
  • Team Camp
    • July 19th - 22nd

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