In an effort to continue meeting graduation goals in the Missoula school district, Superintendent Denise Juneau has spearheaded Graduation Matters Montana. This local organization is on a mission to ensure that students in Montana state graduate and advance towards college and real-world professions.

According to their website, 65% of all Montana high schoolers are part of their community's Graduation Matters program. That is 27,991 students! And in celebration, Townsquare Media is honoring graduates, along with their families and friends with a unique and exciting 3 days of fun:

Celebrate Graduation Matters at the Missoula County Fairgrounds

Thursday, May 31st- Sunday, June 3rd

  • Carnival Thursday-Saturday
  • Battle of the Bands Friday Night
  • Hot Air Balloons, Night Glow Friday
  • $10.00 Rides Saturday (7:30-10:00am)
  • Open Skate at The Glacier Ice Rink
  • School Project Displays
  • 4H Exhibit
  • Sunday- Free Picnic Space Available

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