The Good Food Store is a Missoula staple and now The Huffington Post recently named it one of "The Best Regional Supermarket Chains in America" on their website. 

The Good Food Store was previously ranked sixth on Bon Appetit's "Top 8 Best Regional Supermarkets."

What started as a little hippie heath food store is now, as a Missoula-native friend puts it, "like Whole Foods but WAY better." Lots of local produce, organics, a seasonal deli menu, a huge list of certified non-GMO and fair trade products, and online guides for best uses of their bulk foods.

Located only in Missoula, the Good Food Store also provides delicious locally made pastries, a killer salad bar, and gourmet pizza Wednesdays. More than 800 bulk foods are offered daily and they even host cooking classes. It's no wonder GFS made the list!

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