The opening date for Bozeman's Whole Foods Market is just around the corner, February 1st, 2023. If you're interested check out this article for details. I don't judge any Bozemenites who may shop there; if I lived in Bozeman I probably wouldn't completely avoid the place either. That said, I'm not exactly thrilled that particular grocery chain is moving to my state, for practical reasons as well as symbolic.

In the show South Park's season 19, episode 3 "The City Part of Town" from 2015, Whole Foods symbolizes gentrification. It's the mark that hipsters from bigger cities have settled in your town... yeah, sounds accurate for Bozeman. Here's a clip from the episode below:

My one problem with Whole Foods is that it's not Montanan, it was founded in Austin, Texas according to its website. I've shopped there before and it seems like a great place. I'd just personally like it better if it was founded in Montana.

The Good Food store, however, was founded right here in Missoula, Montana according to their website.

A group of friends begins cooperative buying of bulk foods in 1970 and opens first store in 1971 at corner of Beckwith and Higgins Avenue. Store moves downtown to Woody Street in January 1972, then to even larger space in Brunswick Building that same fall.  In 1974 GFS expands twice, both times into larger spaces on West Main.

It doesn't get more local than that. Today I had lunch over there and it was delicious. Sandwiches are better when they're made by a Montana business— don't ask me why, that's just the way it is.

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