Did you check out the Golden Globes last night? I typically watch them, even if I think the stuff they tend to nominate mostly overlooks the actual best stuff of the year - more than any other award show, they're mainly an excuse to watch celebrities get drunk and see a solid comedian make fun of the whole thing.

And this year was definitely different, thanks to COVID! They couldn't gather all the nominees into one room, so instead they had the nominees all conferencing in via Zoom, while hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (great as always) were on opposite sides of the country, with Fey in New York and Poehler in California. Both of their rooms were filled with socially-distanced frontline workers.

It was kind of a mess - full of technical glitches and awkward direction, with nobody really sure what they were supposed to be doing. And you can certainly cut them some slack - they've never had to do a virtual Golden Globes before - but compare it to the Emmys from just a few months ago, which did a virtual show and managed to make it engaging and seamless, and the Globes start to feel like a bit of a disaster.

But then, being a bit of a disaster is kind of the Golden Globes' thing. The one thing they can usually be relied on is the comedy - Fey and Poehler were great, and there were a few solid comedy bits throughout, including one that was partially broadcast out of Montana and even highlighted Montana's current vaccination status. Check it out:

In the sketch, different celebrities are teleconferencing with real-life doctors to talk about the vaccine and make reference to shows and movies that were nominated at the Globes. At around 1:40 in the video, Glenn Close starts broadcasting out of her Montana home to talk to Dr. Peter Bulova, who tells her that Montana is currently in Phase 1B of its vaccine distribution plan. I won't ruin the punchline for you, watch the video yourself, it's pretty funny.

What'd you think of the Globes this year? Are you curious to see how the Oscars handle broadcasting during a pandemic next month?

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