When I first moved to Missoula two years ago, everyone kept telling me, "You've got to go to Glacier National Park." All I heard was stories about how beautiful it was, how much there is to do there, all that stuff. Well, this past summer, I finally did it - I made it out to Glacier, and guess what? They were right! Absolutely breathtaking views, so many cool sights, lots of wilderness to explore.

And when we were finished, I thought, "Well, I'm glad we did that. Now I've seen everything!" But... turns out, no I didn't.

Because I was at Glacier during the summer, but during the winter, it's a whole different place. Thrillist recently put together this list of national parks that are actually at their best in the winter, and Glacier National Park made the list. Here's how they describe it:

Snowshoeing, skiing, camping, backcountry camping (provided you have a permit), and, yes, another chance to see the northern lights. Some roads within this Montana treasure will be closed, as will the shuttle service that runs during the summer, so this is another trip that’s best enjoyed by those who really know what they’re doing. The historic Lake McDonald Lodge, though, should still be open to welcome you with some hot cocoa after a cold day in the wilderness.

Sounds like the winter is a little bit for more hardcore visitors, but it still seems fun. So, should I scheduling another trip out to Glacier for this coming winter? What's your take on what time of year is best to go to Glacier National Park?

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