The penultimate year of HBO’s Girls is nearly upon us, and Season 5 isn’t wasting any time diving Marnie-first into the awkward. Our first full synopsis for the season puts a wedding off the bat, with plenty of friction between Adam and Hannah’s new boyfriend, also unveiling guest stars and a budding new combination.

HBO released the first official synopsis for the new season premiering February 21, teasing an ominous outcome for Marnie’s wedding, along with a guest star roster that includes Corey Stoll, Lucy Liu, and plenty of returning faces:

Hannah is putting her writing ambitions aside for the moment, continuing to work as a teacher alongside new boyfriend (and nice guy) Fran. Marnie micromanages her upstate wedding to Desi, but soon begins to realize she needs more space, literally and figuratively. Working towards becoming a therapist, Jessa tries to stay on the straight and narrow while managing a budding relationship. Shoshanna thrives at her new job in Japan, where she flirts with her boss, despite a long-distance relationship back home.

Returning guest stars for the fifth season of GIRLS include: Rita Wilson as Marnie’s mother; Peter Scolari and Becky Ann Baker as Hannah’s parents; Jon Glaser as Laird; Gaby Hoffman as Adam’s sister, Caroline; Aidy Bryant as Abigail; and Jason Ritter as Scott. New guest stars this season include: Corey Stoll as Dill; Lucy Liu as Detective Mosedale; and Frank Wood as Oscar.

But that’s not all! Behold more specific synopses for the first two episodes airing in February:

Episode #43 (season 5, episode 1): “Wedding Day”

Debut: SUNDAY, FEB. 21 (10:00-10:30 p.m. ET/PT)

Marnie micromanages her upstate wedding to Desi while trying to maintain the facade of the breezy bride, and tasks Shoshanna with kicking out Fran, Hannah’s date, so the girls can get ready. Banished to the boys’ den, Fran has an awkward moment with Adam. A dejected Ray steps in to help Desi with his wedding-day jitters.

Episode #44 (season 5, episode 2): “Good Man”

Debut: SUNDAY, FEB. 28 (10:00-10:30 p.m.)

In New York, an erratic roommate leads Fran to move in with Hannah. Later, Hannah gets an urgent call from her dad, who is trying to navigate a new type of dating. After a run-in at an AA meeting, Adam and Jessa spend the day together. Ray fears that the new cafe across the street is hurting his business. Elijah is hit on by a famous news anchor.

You can check out the official Season 5 trailers below, while we wait for the February 21 premiere.

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