Gift giving is hard work, but over the years I've improved at it. The trick is to focus on a favorite activity of your loved one and get them something that involves that— easier said than done, obviously. But if you're struggling to find a gift for the mountain lover in your life, I've got you covered with this list:


I know you're hesitant to buy shoes or boots as a gift because even if you know someone's shoe size, you can't be certain they'll actually fit. As an alternative, consider purchasing a pair of snow cleats that help with traction in the snow, or waterproof shoe covers that can help keep feet warm on a cold Montana day.


A snow sports backpack can be a great asset on a hike or on a ski trip. With this gift your loved one will be grateful they don't wear out their day-to-day bag while on their adventures.


Don't let your loved one winter hike in jeans because having chilly legs is no fun. Keep in mind there are pants made specifically for hiking, skiing and snowboarding, so pick accordingly.


Maybe as a kid you didn't like getting socks as a gift, but times have changed and now you love it, right? It's a meme for a reason. Just make sure they're NOT cotton. May I suggest wool?

Gift Card

You can't go wrong with a gift card to Scheels. There are 3 Scheels stores in Montana, one in Missoula, one in Great Falls and one in Billings. Here's the Scheels store locator for the exact addresses.

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