A YouTube series chronicling ghostly activities across the state of Montana has allegedly captured recordings of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)  in the heart of Fort Missoula.

In this recently uploaded short film, you'll see the hunters (known as Ghost Guys) attempt to reach out to "the spirits of Italian sailors, Japanese Americans and Germans that were detained at the camp between 1941 and 1944."

Warning: The footage below may be unsettling to some viewers. 

Jump to the Action: 0:37 Ghost Box "Germany": 04:15 Ghost Box "German": 04:27 Scream: 05:00 EVP "Get out!": 06:36

According to Micheal Clark, one of the investigators:

This investigation was magical. Looking back at it, I realize that it would behoove Jim and I to make that anticipated return to Fort Missoula. Based on our experiences and research as well as the findings of Karen Stevens, we are contemplating making that return in the winter once again because of the higher level of activity that can be expected during the winter months.


Learn more about the Ghost Guys, and see even more Montana ghost evidence by subscribing to their YouTube page.

Do you believe that ghosts reside at Fort Missoula? Have you ever witnessed any unexplainable phenomenons at this famous local landmark? Tell us your story in the comment section below.




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