Happy Halloween Montana! It is the one holiday where if you don't get goose bumps, you are not doing it right.

Our friend Kris, co-founder of Tortured Souls Investigations, was recently a special guest on our sister station KGVO's "Talk Back." During his interview he discussed some of the evidence that he and the team have compiled over the years. Kris said that he is a skeptic when it comes to photographs of orbs, but video is a different story. For those not familiar with orbs, they are little balls of light that appear in pictures or video. Some think they are manifestations of ghosts, while others believe they are just dust. But, the following video has got us scratching our heads.

After the episode of "Talk Back" on KGVO, a mother reached out to us via Facebook to share video evidence of an orb in her home. It is clear that the orb is not just a lazy piece of dust. It has it's own flight pattern and even seems to generate its own light.

Kalli Hyde writes:

this is a video I caught on camera, our son died in 2012 from cancer and I was recording the kiddos playing, the. All of a sudden. An orb flies out of our sons pic on the wall and flew right into the camera at me. It was insane!!!


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