Haunted house attractions are going to be a lot different this year. Most of the walk through attractions have been cancelled due to COVID 19. That means the thrill of having a paid actor jump out and grab you in the darkness, is pretty much not happening. But, you can possibly do the next best thing. Maybe, instead of someone dressed up as a ghost trying to scare you, you can possibly have a real ghost scare the pant off of you.

The history of Montana is a rich and bloody one. The tales of haunted locations stretch all across Big Sky Country. But, one location seems to be the most active location in the state. We are talking about the Old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge. Just spend a little time in the old prison and you can feel the energy and presence of all those inmates that spent much of their lives in those cells. Not to mention the murderous spirits of Lee Smart and Jerry Myles, who incited the 1959 prison riots, after murdering the deputy warden of the prison.

According to Ghosthuntsusa.com

People have said they heard cries of “help me” or “get out” while wandering the long-abandoned cellblocks. Visitors report an unpleasant, sinister energy in some areas of the Old Montana State Prison. A few people even claim to have seen apparitions and many have been touched by a strange presence. If there really are spirits here, we can’t blame them for being unhappy.

Ghost Hunts USA still has availability for you to join in on the paranormal investigations taking place at the prison this Halloween.

Their is still limited room available for this weekend OCT 15 or 16th. As well as room available for Friday Oct 30th and Halloween night. Tickets are $149 each and can be purchased at the Ghost Hunt USA website

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