Do you ever look up at the mountains of Montana and wonder: what's that spindly thing sticking out of the top that isn't a tree? Chances are it's either a cell tower or a radio transmitter, and we recently took a tour of ours on Martel Mountain, overlooking Tarkio, Montana, a tour which we now present exclusively for your viewing pleasure.

This radio transmitter has 100 kW (that's kilowatts) of output power and broadcasts the 107.5 Zoo FM signal along the I-90 corridor from Missoula westward through Superior and St. Regis, reaching as far as the Idaho state line on an exceptionally clear day. If you're listening to Zoo north of Missoula on highway 93 or along highway 200 on the way from Ravalli to Plains, chances are this is the tower from which you're receiving our signal.

Oh, and if you haven't already, you should check out our Big Sky View from up high above Martel Mountain, as well the view from up close on the mountain's crown, where we found many hidden beauties (and a chance for you to win some Rebelution tickets).

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