I went to my high school prom, but I wasn't planning on it - I had a last-minute scramble to buy a ticket after someone asked me to go. Otherwise, I would have been the guy chilling at home watching TV eating snacks.

Maybe some people out there were that guy! Or maybe you went to your prom and it was lame. Lolo Hot Springs is trying to fix that for you now, no matter how old you are. They're holding their annual prom for adults on Saturday, November 16th - and you're invited! Probably cheaper than going to your high school prom too, although it still is a black tie affair.

Here's the info from their Facebook event page:

~Annual Adult Prom~
Maybe you didn't get to go or had too much fun at your High School Prom. Grab a date or go stag.

~Music by Kaleidoscope Entertainment starting at 9pm
~Indoor/outdoor hot springs
~Food & drink specials
~King & Queen crowned at midnight
Remember dress up it's Prom!

~Cabin reservations at (406) 273-2294

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