There are tons of dating apps available in 2019. And, for a guy who has been perpetually single for years, I have tried them all. One of my favorites is the Bumble app. The reason I like it is because I am a huge coward and Bumble makes the ladies initiate conversation. I call it "the Sadie Hawkins Dance of dating apps."

Turns out I'm not the only one who swipes right on Bumble. Oklahoma Game Warden, Cannon Harrison, recently matched with a potential date on the app. The initial conversation was pretty standard, until the woman began to brag about a "bigo buck" that she had just shot. She even included a picture of the buck. Little did she know, that Cannon was a warden. And deer season was over. Not to mention, she talked of using a spotlight. Well, that was all the evidence the State needed to conduct an investigation of the young lady. She plead guilty to poaching and paid $2,400 in fines.

NO word on whether or not Cannon got the date.


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