In Missoula, owning a pet is a way of life. So it only makes sense that Missoulians take their pet's costumes very seriously, because heaven forbid your furry friend looks silly...

Luckily Florence Coffee Co. appreciates a good pet costume because today marks Day 1 of their 5th Annual Pet Costume Contest, and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes are no joke! Check this out:

  • 1st Place recieves a $300 Florence Coffee Co. gift card
  • 2nd Place receives a $200 Florence Coffee Co. gift card
  • 3rd Places receives a $100 Florence Coffee Co. gift card

Here's how their Pet Costume Contest works:

  • Bring your dressed-up pet by any of the 15 FloCo locations, after the morning rush, and your friendly barista will take a picture for you, and will post it to their Facebook page.
  • Whoever gets the most likes will win!

Plus FloCo will make a $5 donation to AniMeals for each entry! So get creative and bring your A game!

Contest ends Halloween day at 6 pm! For more info. check out or click HERE!

Check out some of the submissions from previous years below!

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