It is clear that fire season has arrived in Montana. The excess fuel from a wet and mild spring are drying out quickly. Turning much of the state into a tinder box. Now is the moment when the real heroes shine. Protecting our public lands and lives from the threat of devastating wildfires.

Missoula has a rich history of producing some true American heroes. People willing to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and dive into a raging inferno. Answering the call of duty to protect public lands and surrounding communities. Of course we are talking about smokejumpers.

What is smokejumping?

According to the USDA website

Smokejumping was developed as a means of quickly reaching, parachuting to, and initial attacking fires in remote roadless areas. The primary mission of smokejumpers is firefighting. Smokejumpers may be delivered to a fire via helicopter, vehicles, and by foot. Smokejumpers are a national resource and occasionally used as a 20-person Type 1 Crew.


Do you have the courage to be a smokejumper?

The USDA is hiring people willing to step up and battle wildfires around the country. Today is the final day to apply for a shot at becoming a smokejumper.

According to Smokejumper Social on Facebook

Last day to get those apps in for phase two of fire hire!

Go to Search “smokejumper” or enter announcement numbers below.

R1 Bases: Missoula, Grangeville, and West Yellowstone, Announcement Number is 23-TEMPF2-R1-0829-5DH

For more detailed information of becoming a smokejumper in the Region 1 area, visit the USDA Science and Technology website.

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