Former First Lady Nancy Reagan passed away from congestive heart failure on Sunday (Mar. 6) and someone proposed a weird idea to honor her memory. A user posted an online petition to have Fetty Wap perform at her funeral.

David D., who created the petition, wants the New Jersey-based star to perform his chart-topping hit “Trap Queen” because she “holds the important legacy as being the most famous Trap Queen in American history.” He also cites Ronald Reagan’s presidency ushering in the crack epidemic in the ‘80s and her "Say No to Drugs” campaign as reason why Fetty would be perfect to perform at her memorial.

While the petition is an unflattering attempt to remind people of the Reagans' legacy, this request, unfortunately, will never happen. For one, we are quite sure that no one in the Reagan household knows who Fetty Wap is and two, the 24-year-old rapper, himself, probably barely knows who Nancy Reagan is since he was born in 1991.

Nevertheless, it’s an amusing survey and we get the irony of it all. So far, the petition has garnered over 4,000 supporters and is nearing the 5,000 signatures needed for White House officials in the administration to review it.

In the end, the petition would like to “usher [Nancy] to a better place...where she’s probably cooking pies with her baby.”

You can read the full online petition at

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