It's a bittersweet day as we wish our beloved Front Desk Debbie well on a fantastic new opportunity, but also say farewell to a dear friend who has been with us here at the radio stations for 15 years.

Deb was, and still is, a 96.3 The Blaze listener who was hired on as our "Director of First Impressions" in 2004. Her outgoing personality and love for the listeners, clients and all who came up the stairs quickly gained her many fans and the nickname Front Desk Debbie.

FDD has touched every station in this building with her unconditional support of the formats, on air antics, answering studio phones, going above and beyond to make listeners & clients happy, promoting our brands and just being an all around team player. She's been such an asset to this office, in many more ways than she even realizes.

On a personal note, Deb is hands down one of the most loyal friends I've ever had. She has had my back every single day through the past 14 years, at the office and in real life. She's become part of my family and is one of the most helpful, kind and caring people I've ever had the honor to know.

FDD is everyone's friend. She always has a hug when one is needed, no matter what you may be after, she has it in her backpack (eye drops, Band-Aids, socks, sunglasses, you name it) and 99% of the time, she knows the answers to the questions you bring to the front desk.

FDD, we will miss you terribly, thank you for your dedication to our stations, Alt 101-5, 96.3 The Blaze, 107.5 Zoo FM, 94.9 KYSS FM, KGVO, KLYQ and all of the others that have come and gone.

"May The Force Be With You"


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